Mikulčice - podmínky, ENG (Condition of acceptance on Mikulčice)

Condition of acceptance on Mikulčice:

- for any question don´t hesitate to contact us (frantisekkasparek@seznam.cz)


1) We prefer plank shields (others should be well covered).

2) We accept only chainmail, lamellar armor, scale armor, wollen or linen gamberson is also possible.

3) Two-handed axe (danax) can only be as long as under the chin of the fighter (depends on the fighters height).

4) We prefer when equipment is in accord with costume.

5) All reproductions of weapons, equipment have to fit period of early middle age (9. – 10.century). We can discuss place (central Europe, eastern Europe etc.). If you have anything rare of exotic, please let us know.

6) Fighters must have head covered with iron helmet (leather one only exceptionally). Archers can have another period cover of head.

7) We recommend hands protection (not finger gloves!).

8) We will control safety of your weapons before battle.


1) All reproductions of weapons, equipment and clothes have to fit period of early middle age (9. – 10.century). Please do not wear anything gothic or modern!

2) We like to see any type of period tents or shelters.

3) We don´t like to see on you or in camp anything modern. If you will take something with you, please keep it covered inside your tent.

4) If you have tattooed red rose, anchor or mermaid on your arm, please let that treasure have covered under your clothes.

5) Also we ask to cover your hair if they have some unnatural colour (pink, violet, green etc.).

6) If you don´t have suitable shoes (any type of modern shoes, army shoes, civil shoes with covering), rather be barefoot!

7) We don´t mind if you really need to wear glasses (but of course not to battle!).

8) If you really have to smoke – please do it outside camp do clean after yourself, thanks.